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Sanitation and Cleaning after COVID

It's a new era in American life. Some industries are perishing and withering away, and others are exploding because of new demand.

The cleaning industry is one of these fields that is scrambling to catch up with the demand that's like wildfire. In the COVID era, to be frank about some of the business realities, either you really need something, or you really don't. It's been such a stark division between nonessentials like cruises, movie theaters and bowling alleys, and essential services like delivery, cleaning, and healthcare. As we struggle with re-opening our economy for business, that's going to be a central point. But let's talk some more about cleaning and WHY it is so much in demand now.

Not Just COVID

What leaders and healthcare professionals and others are looking at now is a possible second wave for the coronavirus pandemic. But that's not all. We're also going to have to deal with our usual flu season as fall comes on. Multiple viruses mean multiple transmission vectors, and businesses everywhere are going to be on high alert. Households, too.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning: The Right Tools

The best cleaning companies that stand to profit the most from this industry change are those who have invested in training, technology, and tools.

At Casco Bay Cleaning Services, we have studied the process of sanitizing and disinfecting facilities. We know what it takes to implement best practices that will protect our clients from harmful virus transmission through proactive sanitation. Disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces and indoor areas kills virus particles. That's the keystone of how companies are going to address viral health risks. Along with social distancing, disinfecting areas is critically important. 

brief look at using disinfectant electrostatic sprayers shows how these kinds of technologies can effectively eradicate localized clusters of virus particles. On the other hand, without this kind of gear, you're going to get a much less effective, topical effort that may only really provide a cursory level of sanitation and, by proxy, safety. 

Beyond that, we have built our business on a solid principle of committing to high quality and consistent service. That means that our client companies can feel confident that they are on top of workplace responsibilities when it comes to antivirus sanitation.

In COVID, the stakes are higher. Cleaning isn't just a "nice to have" anymore: it's life and death. Get quality help from a company that has been a leader in sanitation and cleaning contracts for years. 

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