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Your Floors Tell a Story...

What kind of tale do you want your floors to tell, one of cleanliness, or carelessness?

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Wall to Wall or Area Rugs...

We can do it all and guarantee total satisfaction carpet cleaning services.

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Wood Floors Don't Scare Us...

We offer screening and recoating of wood gymnasium, classroom and business floors.

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Strip & Refinish or Scrub & Recoat

Casco Bay Cleaning Services offers stripping, deep scrubbing and burnishing of commercial, institutional and retail floors.

We clean dirty carpets
Low-Moisture & Hot Water Extraction

Casco Bay Cleaning Services provides a full range of carpet cleaning and protection services for retail and commercial settings.

Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Casco Bay Cleaning Services can remove the embedded soils and detergent residue left behind by other cleaning services.

Wood Floor Screening & Recoating

Casco Bay Cleaning Services can restore wood floors to a beautiful appearance with a screening and fresh coat of finish.

Why choose Casco Bay Cleaning?


Our approval as a service provider to Federal Government facilities has made us skilled and diligent at performing background checks on staff.


Our staff is carefully training in both the products and protocols of cleaning. They are fully familiar with the best techniques and methods in cleaning & disinfection.


The staff at Casco Bay Cleaning is provided with only the most sustainable and environmental of cleaning agents. Want fragrance-free? We can accommodate that.


Our staff can be as flexible as you need us to be with your cleaning schedule: daily, 2 days/3 days/week, bi-weekly... mornings, afternoon... you set the time - we'll keep it!


Sometimes, there are surfaces that require a facelift. Dull floors, well trafficked carpets, spotted upholstery, or lingering odors. We offer restoration services as well as cleaning.


Continuing on that theme, there are times when decks, fences, walkways or siding start to look like the elements and micro-flora are gaining control. We offer pressure washing.

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