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A Workplace or A Petri Dish?

In the average business model, people costs can easily be 35% - 55% of all gross profits earned.

When your staff is home sick, it is exceedingly hard for them to be productive members of your staff; so every sick day of every member of your team has a measurable and direct impact upon your bottom line.

At CascoBay Cleaning Services, we understand that your business requires more than just a cleaning company that can make your facility look presentable. We recognize that you want to put into place mechanisms that will help protect your staff from the spread of infectious diseases. This is why we can provide additional quarterly services blanketing your work space with a two component - electrostatic applied program of residue-free disinfectants and long-lasting antimicrobials.

Without such protection, your workplace becomes nothing but a petri dish.

Please take a look at this program overview and give us a call to learn more.

Follow these links to the latest help sheets from the CDC: Stopping the Spread of Germs  |  Facts About the Covid-19 Virus  | What Symptoms will I Exhibit if I have it?

CBCS Coronavirus Strategy  Sheet

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